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how PSYCH-K helps

What can the PSYCH-K® method help with?

PSYCH-K® is a simple and safe method that works with our limiting subconscious beliefs and can functionally „rewrite“ them. What life themes or areas of life can it help with?

It can support us in countless themes and situations from our everyday lives.

What specifically can the PSYCH-K® method help with?

Through the PSYCH-K® method, it is possible to address anything that is not working for us in life and that we deeply desire (we are willing to make a change in life), to have it differently in life.

I have selected this list of possible areas to work with through the PSYCH-K® method based on what my clients most commonly come to me with. So please take it just as a basic idea, not as an exhaustive list.

  • Relationships
  • Self – confidence
  • Self – esteem
  • Communication with colleagues and workplace relationships
  • Decision-making ability
  • Abundance (in all forms)
  • Fear of heights
  • Various phobias
  • Fear of driving
  • Fear of authority
  • Fear of loneliness
  • Various health issues
  • Ability to write appealing texts
  • Self-love
  • Setting boundaries
  • Letting go (of anything needed in life)
  • Ability to travel
  • Fear of motherhood
  • etc.


How did the PSYCH-K® method help my clients?

Relationship to the God

„I have worked with Petra several times, and each time our work has been beneficial. Petra has a great ability to tune in sensitively to what I am dealing with, while also maintaining perspective, often suggesting a viewpoint that opens up a new possibility for me. I appreciate the playfulness and ease with which she uses PSYCH-K®, and her willingness to suggest bold solutions. Recently, I needed to tune into my relationship (and resistance) to God, and without hesitation, I followed my intuition and she suggested a balance with the statement: ‚I make love with God.‘ And it really encapsulated what I wanted most. In the following days, things in my life began to cascade in what I perceive as small miracles.“ Markéta Rea Krausová, lecturer, coach, and trauma therapist.


„Every time my children got sick or I didn’t have them under what I call ‚control,‘ I experienced strong irrational fears transferred from my own childhood. It negatively affected the functioning of my entire family. I had been working on it consciously for a long time, rationalizing everything, but the anxieties didn’t disappear. It wasn’t until Petra and the PSYCH-K® method were able to eliminate these ingrained patterns for me that I experienced a tremendous shift in how I interact with my children. Sometimes it seems unbelievable to me how, thanks to this method, I have pushed my boundaries and perception of things. And then, speaking in human terms, when I see my children enjoying life, I no longer see just danger, germs, illnesses, and I don’t feel the need to constantly restrict them with my fears – I live with greater freedom, accepting things as they happen, and internally, I don’t resist them.“ Tereza Skálová, project manager.

Fear of heights

„I am happy that I met Petra and discovered the PSYCH-K® method. I was troubled by a fear of heights. The meeting with Petra proceeded calmly. She guided me through what to expect in a completely professional yet very human way. She explained to me what I might experience and how everything could manifest. When ‚it came,‘ I remained perfectly calm. Thanks to Petra’s approach, I was able to address my issue in less than an hour and without delving into any past traumas. Which is fantastic. I am finally content and can enjoy the views and soar in the clouds thanks to further actionable steps.“ Lenka Slaninová, motivational speaker, and guide on the Path to Happiness.

Are you interested in the PSYCH-K® method? Where can you contact me?

I am the preferred facilitator of the PSYCH-K® method and I would be happy to support you – PSYCH-K® can be used to work with all areas of life (personal or professional relationships, parenting, various phobias and fears, self-confidence, health topics, etc.). I offer sessions online or in person in Dobřichovice near Prague (Czech Republic) – you can find more information on my website or arrange a session here


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